Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a general knowledge base about our services and offers. We try to expand the Frequently Asked Questions as often as possible to provide answers to questions that come up for more and more users and clients of ours. Before writing us an email with a question about our services please make sure to check here first, as you will probably find the answer you are looking for here in the FAQ section.

Only and the booster performing the service have access to your League of Legends account. Once a boost is complete, the login information is deleted from our system.
Because the booster is accessing your account, they will have access to your IP and RP, however boosters are not permitted to use them unless permission is given by the customer.
Under normal circumstanced only one booster will access your account. If the booster is unable to complete the service for whatever reason, another booster will be assigned.
Yes, you are allowed to spectate if you have a second League of Legends account.
Yes, our system uses a real-time chat that allows the booster and customer to communicate in our client area.
Yes, if you are not satisfied with the progress of your boost you can contact us here:
We will investigate the claim and if it's determined the ban was caused by our booster, if so we will provide a full refund and possible compensation for the violation. Boosting is against the terms of service and there is always a small risk to getting caught. The customer accepts this risk when purchasing a boost. If a permanent ban is issued, the customer will have to provide proof there were no previous violations on the account. A ban is normally only issued if there have been multiple warnings. We will not provide compensations if an account has had previous warnings.
Depending on your starting division and what division you wanted to get boosted to, it can take one day or possibly a week. Bronze, silver and gold boosts are normally quick, platinum and diamond take longer.
Yes, however you first have to contact the booster through our client area and ask them to pause the boosting service. Once you are done playing, you can contact them to unpause it.
Epic Boosts currently accepts PayPal and Bitcoin payments. For Bitcoin, send us your order information via our contact form and we will send you our Bitcoin account and instructions on what to include in the note.
Flex Boosting is team-based Elo Boosting through the all new Flex Que. You can be boosted through Flex Que in either 3v3 or 5v5 matches, allowing a booster to work on your order as apart of your team. This can be a team of players that you regularly play with. However, you will have to notify the booster of whether your friends on your team know about the boost or not. It is at the customer's own risk to decide if they want the booster to play with friends or random players. If you select Solo, a booster will play for you. If you select Duo, you can play with your boosters. Both Solo and Duo options contain 3v3 or 5v5 match types.